Choosing a mobile sink

group of friendsSo, you know Happy Can offers mobile sinks in Atlanta, now it’s time to figure out which sink is the perfect fit for your event. No matter the size
of your event, Happy Can has great options to choose from.

For larger events, construction projects or festivals, Happy Can offers the Super Twin mobile sink. Each sink has side-by-side faucets contained in a durable unit with great money saving features. By each faucet, there are patented soap dispensers and a lockable towel container. Running water flows with ease through water-controlled foot pumps. As a leader in its industry, the Super Twin is a superior mobile sink for any medium-size to large event.

As a smaller option, the Tag Along portable outdoor sink is a great option for smaller to medium-sized events. The Tag Along carries much of the same features of the Super Twin, just in a more compact way. Instead of the faucets standing alongside each other, the Tag Along unit has faucets on each side of the unit. There are soap and towel dispensers next to each faucet as well. Foot pumps operate the flow of water, making it easy and convenient to use. Water basins are spacious and durable, making them perfect for outdoor use.

When planning your next event, Happy Can has you covered for keeping those hands clean. Contact us to get started now!
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