Construction Planning Tips

At Happy Can, we understand that as a contractor, you don’t have time to spend hours trying to figure out what type and how many portable restrooms you need to rent for your workers. We believe that’s our job. So, we’ve designed a planning guide to help you quickly determine exactly what you need to rent for your construction team.

The Standard Unit – The Tufway is our standard ground unit that is the most commonly rented for construction sites. It’s highly durable and easy to transport to different locations. Plus, it comes equipped with a urinal, built-in ventilation and non-slip floors.

Portable Urinals – The Poly Can is a rollable urinal that can be placed inside any home or business where construction workers are present. Its compact-size works well when space is limited.

High-Rise Units – Our Poly Lift boasts an easy-to-lift design that makes it possible to transport this urinal to the top of high-rise construction sites via elevators or cranes. A steel frame and optional roof make this a must-have for high-rise projects.

Added Sanitation – Our Super Twin and compact Tag Along provide construction workers access to full sinks with soap dispensers. The SaniStand offers a high level of sanitation but features alcohol-free antiseptic foam that kills germs without water.

To receive a quote on your restroom needs for an upcoming construction project, please contact your local, reliable Happy Can.

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