Concerts & Music Festivals

Between ticket sales and booking bands, it’s easy to forget the not-so-glamorous tasks like getting a quote for porta potty rentals. Problem is, providing the right number of portable restrooms is crucial in appeasing your guests. Music festivals vary in size, but typically attract thousands of concert-goers. Can you imagiconcerts in downtown atlantane how long the lines could get if you only had two restrooms? You’d be lucky to make it for the encore!
Here at Happy Can, we serve several industries in state of Georgia, including music festivals and outdoor concerts. Happy Can offers a wide selection of porta-potties and sinks, tailored to meet the needs of our loyal clients.
It’s no secret that Atlanta is a hot spot for music and entertainment. From sold out concert series to local music festivals, the city is constantly flooded with bustling crowds and talented performers. As music lovers ourselves, we consider our downtown location to be absolutely sublime!
Happy Can is located minutes from some of the area’s most sought-after concert venues. Our office is approximately 7 miles from The Tabernacle and a mere 4.5 miles from the historic, Fox Theatre.
If you’re looking to close proximity to these popular places, we’ve got you covered. Check out our list of service areas throughout Greater Atlanta and contact us today!