Portable Restroom Trailers

Serving the greater Atlanta area, Happy Can is proud to offer three types of portable restroom trailer rentals for all your special event needs. Whether it’s a family reunion, wedding, graduation party or other festivity, we have the mobile bathroom trailer you need to provide clean, well-maintained facilities for your guests.

You can choose from the following portable restroom trailers:

High Tech II Portable Restroom Trailer

High Tech II Restroom Trailer
Our High Tech Two portable restroom trailer consists of two high-end portable toilet units on a flatbed trailer. Ideal for any special events, this trailer is a high-end product that requires less power than a traditional restroom trailer.

816 Traditional Portable Restroom Trailer

816 Traditional Restroom Trailer
Our 816 Traditional portable restroom trailer comes with standard with two restroom units enclosed in a steel frame trailer. Fluorescent lighting, water-saving faucets, thermostat controls and city water and sewer hook ups make this portable restroom trailer ideal for any special event.

Alpha Two Portable Restroom Trailer

Alpha Two
Our Alpha Two portable restroom trailer is a luxurious trailer model containing two bathrooms with toilets, sinks, urinals, mirrors, soap dispensers, paper towel holders and cabients. This high-end model also offers heating a airconditioning. 
If you’re looking for an upscale portable bathroom trailer to service your needs, look no further than Happy Can. Our products will enable you to enjoy your festivities and events without worrying about your septic tank being overloaded by excessive flushes. Plus, you can leave the cleaning up to us!portable restroom trailer

Portable restroom trailers are the perfect option for:

Family reunions
Birthday parties
Graduation parties
Holiday parties
Recreation events
Sports Events
Outdoor corporate events
Construction Sites
And more!

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